Go Green with Cgon

20-30% Fuel Efficiency.

Exhaust emissions up to 80% on diesel engines.

Particulates & NOx up to 100% on hydro-carbons.

Up to 66% reductiom in NOx in petrol engines.

Cgon stands for Carbon Gone. We at Vee W Services are the Bristol agents for CGON we can supply and fit this ground breaking new technology.

How does Cgon work?

The product works by splitting water into its base component gases Hydrogen & Oxygen. The two gases are produced on board, on demand, for a given application. The gas is then channeled into the combustion engine where a unique reaction takes place.

Why does Cgon work?

When the two gases Hydrogen & Oxygen are introduced ahead of the combustion cycle, we see a very interesting reaction. The entire base fuels i.e Diesel, Petrol or LPG are totally burnt within the combustion chamber. This has some very substantial benefits.

Emissions Efficiency/ Benefits

We are now in the position to be able to supply and fit this system to your vehicle in between 2-3 hours depending on make or model. We normally see a 20-30% increase in fuel efficiency! along with a considerable reduction in exhaust emissions that normally falls by up to 80% on diesel applications in regards to Particulates & NOx and we often see a reduction of up to 100% on hydro-carbons, Co andĀ  a 66% reduction in NOx on petrol applications.

This technology has carried out independent testing with Emission Analytics and Millbrook. There are no nasty by-products such as Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) which were found in previous versions of this technology. The cells stay clean 100% of the time, no need for flushing just basic maintenance required.

For more information watch this promotionalĀ video.