• We use VW main dealer diagnostic equipment the VAS5052 we are a Genuine Specialist.
• This gives us the most accurate diagnosis for your vehicles problem.
• The correct diagnosis will save you time and money, helping to remove some of the guess work which occurs when using inferior diagnostic equipment.
• Our equipment allows us to code keys, steering locks, steering columns, ECU’s, Dashboards, Air Bags etc.
• We have many different specialist tools so we can fit parts quickly and efficiently.
• 100% of what a dealer can do, we charge £50+vat for Diagnosis for the first hour and then £40+vat our regular labour rate for any hours extra . 


• We have VW dealer trained staff with years of experience between them.

We have an Audi Master technician (Selected to be trained to the highest level at Audi working on the best Audi cars such as the R8 etc).

• We emphasize attention to detail and professionalism.
• This ensures we have highest quality standards.