Dealer or no dealer you decide

• The new block exemption rule means that you don’t have to go the main dealer to maintain your manufacturers warranty.
• We can offer the same service at a fraction of the main dealer price.
• We only use Original parts and Genuine Quantum Oil in our servicing.
• We can offer 100 % of what a main dealer can offer.
• We use the same diagnostic tool as the Main dealer so we can reset your service interval.
• We service all makes and models.
• Cam Belts / Timing Belts & Water Pumps all Original Parts.
Air-con servicing / Re gas from £50+vat.
• Automatic Gearbox servicing including DSG Gearboxes.

Ask today for our ‘Special Offer’ when having an MOT and  Service together!


Keeping your car a safe vehicle to drive in

Regular car servicing will ensure your vehicle’s safety, reliability and overall performance. It also increases and maintains its road worthy status. We offer a high quality service that will keep your car in tip top condition.

Type of Service Minor Service Major Service
Interval 12 Months 24 Months
Oil and Oil Filter Change
Brake Fluid Level & Condition
Check Coolant Level & Top Up
Short Road Test
Tyre Tread & Press. (inc. Spare)
Visual Brake Check
Test Lights & Horn
Test Washer & Wipe System
Check Battery Connections
Check Exhaust Condition
Full Front & Rear Brake Check
Steering & Driveshaft Check
Shock Absorbers Check
Visual Engine Inspection
ECU Fault Memory Check
Check PAS System for Leaks
Check Transmission for Leaks
Bleed Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)
Wheel Bearing Check
Perform Battery Voltage Test
Check Auxiliary Drive Belts
Check Coolant Strength
Check Brake Hoses & Lines
Top Up PAS Fluid if Required
Check Front & Rear Suspension
New Fuel Filter
New Spark Plugs (Petrol Only) *
New Air Filter
New Pollen Filter
Windscreen Washer Additive
Wheel Alignment Quick Check

* Refer to the vehicles service schedule.

Please note : Spark plugs are not part of a regular service and if required will be an additional cost.