Wheel alignment / Adaptive Cruise Control


Adaptive Cruise Control ACC

Many VW AUDI SEAT & SKODA models post 2014 now have Active Cruise Control. This uses radar technology which is used to sense the proximity of cars in front and to the side speeding up or slowing the car accordingly,  another feature involves auto correct for steering if the car senses that it is drifting out of a lane.

All cars with this technology that require wheel alignment must use an authorized agent as ACC must be paired with the vehicles alignment.

We are now one of just a limited number of Independents that offer Lane Assist / Adaptive Cruise control. We have the VW dealer equipment and fully trained  to correct and re-align  your vehicle. We offer 100% of what a main dealer can offer.

 From only £195 + vat almost half the price of the local Main dealer!


Wheel Alignment

We offer the latest in 4 Wheel Alignment using Hunter Elite aligner.

  • Save money on tyre’s stop wear and tear.
  • Improve the way your car handles.
  • We can offer detailed print out showing yours cars wheel alignment and how and where it needs adjustment.
  • Hi-res digital camera giving the most accurate reading.
  • From only £40+vat.

It’s very common for tracking to get knocked out of place due to  poor quality roads, pot holes or hitting curbs when parking. Modern vehicles come with very specific tolerances of wheel alignment which can effect how your car handles, grips and wears it’s tyres.

We also now offer a first class Tyre service and competitive local rates with technicians you can trust.